One of my favorite strategies

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One of my favorite strategies

Post by Zeo-Uchiha on Tue 29 Dec - 11:39

One of my favorite strategies is were you have Stardust Dragon or Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode (better to have SDD/AM for more damage) and have Red Dragon Archfiend/ Assault Mode on the field and attack with SDD/AM at the opponents LP if they are open if not attack a face down then attack with RDA/AM on the face down or LP then RDA/AM effect activates which you negate and destroy him with SDD/AM or SDD effect and then RDA/AM's 2nd effect activates and RDA comes on to the field then you attack so if you get this strategie done successful you can deal around 9500 damage if your opponent doesn't have monsters on the field.
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