Volume 4 is out now

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Volume 4 is out now

Post by Zeo-Uchiha on Tue 12 Jan - 11:21

Yugioh GX Vloume 4: The Semifinals Begin!! is out now :

JP: 11/04/2008
US: 1/05/2010

028 - 036

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX The Next Generation of Duelist has arrived.
Meet Jaden Yuki. He's going to be the best player ever. If he can just get out the worst dorm in history!
Jaden Yuki: The Next Generation of Yu-Gi-Oh! Champion has arrived.
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX The Future of Yu-Gi-Oh! Is now! R to L (Japanese Style). The Semifinals Begin!The Duel Academy tournament has reached the semifinal round, with the winner getting a chance to take on duel champion Zane "Kaiser" Truesdale. Jaden and Bastion go head to head in an all-out match, followed by Chazz taking on the mysterious David Rabb. The winners of these two matches will face off in the final round of the tournament! But will David Rabb's evil master plan ruin everything? Years after Yugi's legendary battles, the game is so popular that special institutions dedicated to the art of the Duel have sprung up all over the world. Join Jaden Yuki and his pals at the Academy for the adventures of the next generation of Yu-Gi-Oh!

But more importantly the promo cards is!!!!!
YG04-JP001: Elemental Hero Absolute Zero

This will change e-hero decks to the top I use three in my deck and it works great I can take out Dark Armed Dragon in one turn Shocked

Hopefully this card with many cards will be added soon to are game if not then i'll just do what I always due duel on skype!!!1
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